New Woodworker’s Guide to SketchUp Revised and Updated.


Click the image above to take a closer look at what is inside the “New Woodworker’s Guide to SketchUp” a digital book in PDF format with embedded video lessons.


In 2010 I wrote and published “Woodworker’s Guide to SketchUp” in enhanced PDF format. Staying digital let me put videos in along with the text and images. A lot of people liked it and said nice things about it. Aidan Chopra, the SketchUp product evangelist saidvideos in-line with the text; that’s hands-down the best way to learn, in my opinion. Five years is a long time in the world of software and the internet, and while the instruction is still valid, the book, like its author was showing its age.

In this new version, all the screen capture images (hundreds of them) are brand new, using the latest release of SketchUp. The videos are also new, there are 51 of them within the 222 pages of text. Almost all of the text has been revised, and there are a few new chapters on topics like making SketchUp models from photographs, the advantages of SketchUp Pro and how to make the program behave itself when you  print.

I’ve streamlined my techniques and added a few new tricks. If you want to make the most out of 3D modeling for your next woodworking project, “Woodworker’s Guide to SketchUp” will show you how to model efficiently and easily so you can get away from the computer and out to the shop. When you arrive, you will have all the information you need to build. With that wealth of information you’ll save time and materials, and you’ll likely catch (and fix) a boneheaded mistake or two while you model.


Please note: this enhanced PDF format requires that Adobe Reader be used to allow the video content to function. Adobe Reader is a free download and most PCs already have it installed. If you’re on a Mac, Preview will display the text and images, but the videos will not play. Adobe Reader is also available as a free download for Mac users. On the iPad, the video content will not function with either Preview or Reader. Other apps are available that allow video playback. Click here for info about the iPad.




Purchase PDF Book ON DISC for $39.95, with free shipping to addresses within the USA.

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If you’re outside the US, CLICK HERE TO ORDER book on disc (my average cost for postage ($11.65) added to the order)

INSTANT GRATIFICATION (depending on your internet connection speed).

You can now download the new, revised edition of “Woodworker’s Guide to SketchUp” for $34.95

Note: When you purchase a download, you should receive two e-mails, one from PayPal confirming the purchase, and a second one from PayLoadz containing the download link. If you don’t receive both e-mails, check your spam filter. If it isn’t there within a few minutes, send me an e-mail and I can send you a link directly. This is a big file! (1.4GB) The download may take a while.

If you previously purchased “Woodworker’s Guide to SketchUp”, you can purchase the new, revised edition at a special price, click on my name below to send me a e-mail.

— Bob Lang


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    • There isn’t a Mac “variation”. Like SketchUp, “Woodworker’s Guide to SketchUp” works on both PCs and Macs. The only caution is to use Adobe Reader on the Mac, the video content doesn’t work if you open the book in “Preview” on a Mac.

    • That is the price if you want it on disc. You can also get it on disc for $34.95 for the download version.

      If you think $7.10 is a lot of money for shipping, I agree, but that is my cost for the stamp.

  19. Just downloaded this yesterday. Thanks, well worth the cost… I’ve installed the latest version of Acrobat Reader on my MacBook Pro and it’s working well, but I’m having to move and resize pages a bit to cope with my 13″ screen.

    But for us iPad users, the videos play using ‘Documents 5’ by Readdle, which is great! The web links open within the App, which has its own browser, and these can be bookmarked for future reference… All chapters and headings are accessible, via ‘outlines’ and you can add your own bookmarks and highlight text with yellow marker (or the digital equivalent, anyway). 😉

    I use this App to keep all my manuals in, on my iPad and am wrapt as it means I can have a ‘local’ copy rather than access it via the interweb cloudy thing 😉 I’m more than happy using it for this resource.

    I imported the manual into Documents 5 from iCloud, where I had it stored via another App I use, FileBrowser, but using DropBox or OneDrive or GoogleDrive or even a local network connection, directly off your Mac or PC works. This App connects to pretty much everything – if you have an iCloud enabled App on you iPad, Documents 5 can usually open the iCloud App’s documents to view… Don’t mean to sound like an advertisement but it is awesome!

    Finally a comment about PDF Expert 5. I don’t have it, but it allows you to sign and annotate documents, amongst other features. It is a PDF App. Documents 5 is a Documents App, by the same company (Readdle) and allows you to do so much more with any document, including PDF’s. I either scan (via a ScanSnap iX100) or save online manuals or web pages on pretty much all of my many and varied interests in it…

    Hope this helps… And genuine thanks for the SketchUp resource 🙂

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  23. In December 2015 I purchased from Rockler “SketchUp Guide for Woodworkers”, The Basics. Last week I signed up for Carl Stammerjohn’s class at Cerritos. Is this the same as what he’s asking us to purchase?
    Thanks, John Waltemeyer

    • They are not the same, in spite of the similarities of the titles.

      In June of 2010 I published the original version of “Woodworker’s Guide to Google SketchUp”, which is in PDF format with embedded videos within the 200+ pages illustrated text. It was the first publication in any format on the topic of using SketchUp for designing and planning woodworking projects. Several months later, Taunton Press, publishers of Fine Woodworking magazine released a book with the title “Google SketchUp Guide for Woodworkers” and over the next few years several videos with the same title. Google has since sold SketchUp to Trimble so in my revised version of “Woodworker’s Guide to SketchUp” the reference to Google was removed. The Taunton products have also removed their references to Google.

      It is easy to see why readers would be confused. This is also confusing to search engines and I believe that is the reason for the similarity. Taunton isn’t the only publisher to engage in this practice, F+W, publishers of Popular Woodworking (and my former employer) recently released a paperback book titled “SketchUp – A Design Guide for Woodworkers”. The obvious question is this; “If you’re proud of your product, why wouldn’t you give it a distinctive title so as not to confuse the audience”.

      Bob Lang

  24. My original version has stopped working since I installed Win 10. I would like an updated version on disk. Also, can I access the Trimble graphics with the new version? thanks Ed

    • Hi Ed,

      I’m not sure what the issue is with Windows 10, you might need to update your Adobe Acrobat Reader to the latest version. Not sure what you mead by “Trimble graphics”. There is a “Trimble Connect” that can be used with the latest version of SketchUp. I’m sending you a link to the previous purchaser’s discount via e-mail

      Bob Lang

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  32. What about using Sketchup 2016 on a MacBook Pro? In the past, Sketchup has not worked well on a MacBook. Would like to take another run at using Sketchup, and want to buy your book, but am uncertain about using on my MacBook Pro.

    • One of the big accomplishments of SketchUp 2016 is compatibility with the latest Mac OS as well as Windows 10. You should be in fine shape, at least until Apple and Microsoft decide to improve things.

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