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  8. I received the disc but it didn’t install the program to design a kitchen, a few years back I downloaded the program it worked fine but I changed computers and lost it so this is the second time that i purchased the program. Please tell me what I need to do. Thanks

    • Hi Ronald,
      My books are about using SketchUp, they do not include the SketchUp program.

      You can download SketchUp Make 17, the last available free version of the program at:

      You will have to create a free Trimble account in order to download. If you have any further questions, click my signature below to send me an email.

      Bob Lang

      • Thanks for your reply, I didn’t make myself clear (sorry about that) I have the program but I haven’t figured out how to access the book on Kitchen Design. I have done it in the past, so that is what I am trying to do.

  9. Hello Bob,

    I’ve been studying your book, The Complete Kitchen Cabinetmaker. It’s excellent! I was getting close to starting my project when I learned of your Sketchup For Kitchen Design, which raised two questions:
    1. Do you consider your PDF a digital version of your book or a separate resource that’s worth investing in?
    2. I work on both an iMac desktop and an iPad (depends on whether a family member is using one or the other device); if I purchase the PDF, can I use that one purchase on both of my devices or do I need to buy one for each device?



    • Hi Dan,
      Thanks for the kind words about “The Complete Kitchen Cabinetmaker”. “SketchUp for Kitchen Design” is a separate and quite different book. It covers using SketchUp to design the room and make use of models of complete cabinets to plan an entire kitchen project as well as how to render it to give you or your client an accurate depiction of what the completed room will look like. In the book I make use of models from cabinet manufacturers and leverage the project management tools and libraries in SketchUp. If you plan on building your own cabinets based on the examples in “The Complete Kitchen Cabinetmaker” you can build your own library of cabinets. That’s easier than it sounds because you can model a basic base and wall cabinet with all of its parts then modify copies of those basic models.
      Hope this helps,
      Bob Lang

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