Finally, Videos Work in My PDF Books on the iPad — 10 Comments

    • Not sure, and I don’t have a way to check. I passed along what readers reported to me about PDF Expert, perhaps one of them can jump in and help. If you’re not even seeing images, you may not have loaded the entire PDF. It’s big, should be 1.32 GB

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  2. some versions of PDF Expert did play the videos, but now the most recent update doesn’t seem to work. Would love to find a working ipad app that plays the videos 🙁

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  6. i can report that as of today 8/4/2018 the Readdle PDF Expert 6 is allowing me to play the embedded videos on my iPad

  7. I downloaded Readdle PDF Expert 6 today (31/07/2019) and it works perfectly with the videos on my iPad.

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