Last of 10 Things I Wish I Had Known About SketchUp — 7 Comments

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  2. I made the same comment in Tip 9, but it applies here, too. You might consider using Intersect with Model or Intersect with Context here instead of copy and explode. Better yet, use the Subtract tool if you have Sketchup Pro.

  3. This series was great; I learned a few things that will really come in handy! I have a tip to add of my own; when you copy the apron piece so you have an isolated version to draw the tenon, what you could do instead is go to View, Component Edit and toggle “Hide Rest of Model” (or better yet, make a shortcut for that feature; I set it to ctrl+H and use it all the time now). When that option is selected, entering a component will display only the component geometry, the rest of the model will disappear completely until you’re done editing the component. I find this especially helpful when I need to refer to the surrounding geometry sometimes, but then also need to get it out of my way. Setting up the keyboard shortcut made it easy to switch back and forth.