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A little while ago the folks at the WoodNet Hand Tools forum were discussing Stickley furniture and where to get plans and information about building reproductions. I was flattered when my book “Shop Drawings for Craftsman Furniture” was mentioned. Originally published in 2001, this book was named by Fine Woodworking Magazine as one of 27 Books Every Woodworker Should Read” in 2005. One thing led to another;  “More Shop Drawings for Craftsman Furniture” was published in 2002 and “Shop Drawings for Craftsman Inlays & Hardware” was published in 2004. In 2012, those three books were combined in a single volume with additional photos and introductory text in 2012.

A lot has changed in the world of publishing in the last 14 years. My intention when I started was to create a work that filled a need and had a lasting value. There was (and still is) a bunch of stuff published about Arts & Crafts period furniture that doesn’t differentiate between authentic details and modern shortcuts or adaptations. Much of that isn’t very helpful if you’re serious about how it was done “back in the day”. There aren’t many woodworking books published in the last 15 years that are still in print, and I think that says a lot about the value of this book and the continued interest in this style of furniture.

Most of my book (as the title implies) is drawings of pieces made in the early 20th century. The first section of the book (more than 50 pages) is devoted to the history of the period and the original makers, how the original furniture was made, and how to reproduce the details in the typical modern shop. That section contains photos of originals and of my work building reproductions. The last section of drawings are full-size patterns for inlays (many of them attributed to Harvey Ellis) and hardware. It isn’t a skinny book; there are 328 pages and plans for 57 different pieces of furniture.

I don’t often offer sale prices or special deals, but until the end of this year, you can buy a signed copy of “Shop Drawings for Craftsman Furniture” at a reduced price and get free Priority Mail Shipping (to addresses in the US only. 

Sorry, the offer for reduced price + free shipping has expired. Click below to purchase for $29.99 + $6.50 for priority mail shipping.

Yes, you can buy it for less on Amazon. My hope is you’ll decide to pay a little more to directly support the guy who wrote the book. That support is deeply appreciated.

More information about “Shop Drawings for Craftsman Furniture” is found at this link, or you can order below.

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— Bob Lang