SketchUp Rules For Making Changes — 3 Comments

  1. I looked at sketchup a few years ago and honestly didn’t think much of it but now you’ve got me intrigued. I’m wondering is it at all possible to import .dwg files, is it possible to to use reference pictures to trace patterns and so forth. Even though Inventor Professional is the perfect bit of software for mechanical designs and furniture designs the learning curve is huge and at my age and time constraints is proving to be almost difficult to grasp. I think I will give sketchup a go and have a little play with it. If it works out happy days. Thanks Bob Linkedin proved to be useful for a change.

      • Thanks for the reply Bob, I can use AutoCad but can’t model in it only 3ds max but max is not designed for accurate technical modeling on the fly unless you import everything from autocad and you are happy with the dimensions and when is anyone happy with their first design so changing dimensions on the fly like dado location or making a 45 or any other deg angle is not something you can do in max accurately which prompted me to look at Inventor but I’ll try sketchup pro for 30 days and if it can do what I want it to do then happy days. I’m sure one can import sketchup files in max for rendering purposes as 3ds max has photo realistic rendering capabilities with real world lighting and so forth.