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Welcome to ReadWatchDo.com, the website for woodworker, illustrator and author Robert W. Lang. Learn more about Bob Lang’s books in print and digital enhanced PDF format, get solid information about using SketchUp, Arts & Crafts period furniture, woodworking and stay tuned for more.

New Book! “SketchUp For Kitchen Design”

Bob Lang's "SketchUp For Kitchen Design"If you’re looking for the ultimate kitchen design, planning and problem solving tool, 3D modeling with SketchUp enables you to quickly come up with a plan that anyone can understand, extract valuable information from that plan and share it either as a realistic 3D rendering or as a technical drawing.

My new book takes you through a typical project, starting with the basic tools and techniques of modeling with SketchUp to create a model of your room. Then you’ll move through making a quick, easy and flexible layout to creating a detailed model complete with cabinets, counters, appliances and real-world finish materials. When you master the techniques in this book you’ll have professional looking designs in a short period of time.


“Building Blocks of SketchUp” enhanced PDF format with embedded video.

CoverBBSKP_500If you have struggled to learn SketchUp or are just starting out with this 3D Modeling program, “Building Blocks of SketchUp” is a must-have reference. There are 260 pages of text, illustrated with screen capture images of the latest version of SketchUp. Embedded within the text are 50 video lessons that show you exactly where to click and what happens when you do.

No matter where you want to go with 3D modeling in SketchUp, this digital book (available directly from the author as a download or on disc) will help you master the basics in a clear, straightforward way. Finding and returning to the information you need is just a mouse-click away.

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Use SketchUp to Become a Better Woodworker

Cover_SQUARE_250One of the keys to successful furniture making is planning and understanding the process before you build.  SketchUp is the ideal tool for planning any woodworking project, and Bob’s innovative book The NEW Woodworker’s Guide to SketchUp”, is the ideal way for anyone to learn this program.

Available in PDF format on disc or as a download , “Woodworker’s Guide to SketchUp” incorporates video lessons with the text, and guides you from the basics to modelling complex furniture and cabinet pieces so you can head to the shop with all the information you need to build your next project.

Learn to Build Arts & Crafts period Reproduction Furniture

Bob has been a professional woodworker since the early 1970s, with a special interest in furniture of the American Arts & Crafts period. He is the author of several books, including “Shop Drawings for Craftsman Furniture”, “Shop Drawings for Greene & Greene Furniture” and “Shop Drawings for Craftsman Interiors.

In addition to these books, large format plans for building reproductions of Gustav Stickley, L. & J.G. Stickley, and Greene & Greene furniture are available.

Bob’s interest in woodworking isn’t just academic, with more than 40 years of hands on experience, he has a lot to share. He has written numerous magazine articles, and teaches at leading woodworking schools and conferences. He is also available for private instruction and commissions.

CKC_REVfrt_500pxComplete Kitchen Cabinetmaker Back in Print and Available Now

Get a signed copy of the revised edition of “Bob Lang’s the Complete Kitchen Cabinetmaker” directly from the author. This best-selling book was updated in 2014 and you can buy a signed copy directly from the author. Learn tested and proven techniques to plan, build and install any type of cabinet project.

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 New book in process: “Teaching Integrity: How Dean Mattson Sells Education to Unteachable Students”  

Despite a weak economy and high unemployment, thousands of skilled jobs go unfilled. This book tells the story of a high school teacher who applied common-sense business practices to education, partnered with businesses in need of skilled help, and created a program where high school graduates enter the work force ready for careers.



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