L & JG Stickley No. 220 Prairie Sofa Plans — 7 Comments

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  3. I can send a set of plans to the UK for $4.87. That’s my cost for first class postage, which takes a week to 10 days. Books get a bit expensive to ship-$16.95 for an international flat rate priority mail envelope. The good news is I can usually squeeze two books in one envelope. This is, of course subject to change and will vary some depending on the destination.

    Please e-mail before ordering from outside the US for a quote on shipping.

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  5. This looks great but I really need a love seat size for the space. From the photos it would appear all I need do is shorten the length of the key pieces and done. Not only would it fit my space but save some on materials as well.

  6. I sewed leather cushions for two of these sofas made by local craftsmen. Can’t wait for my husband to make one as this is a stunning piece of furniture, comfortable as well.

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