The Complete Kitchen Cabinetmaker — 9 Comments

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  2. This book is priceless to me. I would consider myself an above average weekend warrior woodworker. At the end of Norm’s Kitchen series, he looked into the camera and said “Maybe building new kitchen cabinets is something you can do”. My wife and I discussed remodeling the 70’s ranch kitchen, but I knew a project on this scale could be daunting. I can build a cabinet, but to fill a room and make them work for us? After doing some research and reading many reviews I purchased this book.
    I read it from cover to cover. It made sense and really helped me take my ideas to a place where I could glue and clamp them up. Roberts way of explaining and the experience he shares in this book is what really made this project happen. Almost done now and I seem to have avoided all the newbie mistakes thanks to this book. I look forward to your other books now. Thanks!

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