Large Format Reproduction Furniture Plans — 5 Comments

  1. I am ordering your new book. However, what I am really looking for is a set of plans for an Arts and Crafts Dining Table similar to the Stickley #1797 Table sold in Stickley stores

    • One of the most often asked questions I receive is “do you have plans for Stickley #XXX” from the current Stickley catalog. The current Stickley production is a mix of reproductions of early 20th century pieces, adaptations of early pieces for modern homes, and entirely new designs with a period name attached to them. They don’t make it clear which is which.

      An easy well to tell is to do a Google or Bing image search on Stickley and the model number. If images from auctions and antique dealers appear, it is a period piece. If the search sends you to the current Stickley site or furniture dealers, it is a modern invention.

      The pieces in my books are the versions as originally manufactured in the early 1900s and I identify them with the model numbers originally used. The table referred to is not an early piece and therefor does not appear in any of my work. The information in my book should allow the reader to figure out how to make pieces such as this.

      Bob Lang

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