SketchUp Classes For 2017

SketchUp model by Bob Lang

In SketchUp you generate accurate section views with a few clicks of the mouse.


Who needs to learn SketchUp? In my way of thinking everybody, or at least everybody who is involved with making things. I was trained to produce detailed drawings on a drafting board, then used AutoCAD for many years. About 10 years ago I began to use SketchUp and everything changed for the better. SketchUp puts the designer/planner in the shoes of the builder. On paper or in AutoCAD I concentrated on making a drawing. In SketchUp the focus shifts to making the project. Pretending to build is better than making a drawing.

That is a huge difference and when you get used to manipulating objects in three-dimensional space, you know what your project will look like from any angle, you know that all the parts will fit and you have a model that contains all the information you need to build a real-life version. You will spend less time designing and planning, and your plans are more accurate and useful. It really doesn’t matter what the end product is, when you know how to model in SketchUp, you are working efficiently and accurately. In the past year I’ve worked with amateur woodworkers, professional cabinetmakers, builders, interior designers, office planners and school teachers. The basics of using SketchUp are the same and a firm foundation in the basics gives you the ability to model anything you can imagine.

SketchUp model by Bob Lang

This master bedroom suite is ready to be filled with furniture and have real-world materials applied to the floors and walls.

There are many ways to learn SketchUp. If you have a lot of available time you can teach yourself with the assistance of books and videos. If you want to become adept as quickly as possible, investing in a class creates a straight line across an often challenging learning curve.

In my classes you get the best of both worlds; solid instruction and individual attention. I demonstrate on a big screen, then the students practice those same moves. I’m looking over shoulders and giving individual assistance when it’s needed. I provide numerous handouts for future reference, and I’m willing to take the class where it needs to go, depending on the questions each student has.

Practice is still needed, but people leave my classes with specific techniques to practice and an understanding of the program. I’ve refined things over my years of teaching to overcome the common things new (and experienced) SketchUp users struggle with.

My teaching schedule is always a work in progress. If you’re interested in a class in your area, or individual instruction online. Send me an e-mail and we’ll discuss the options.

If you’re ready to take a class here is where I will be in the next few months. Click on the class titles for complete details.

March 18-19, 2017 Cincinnati, Ohio area

May 6-7, 2017 Pittsburgh, PA area

July 22-23, 2017 Marc Adams School of Woodworking, Franklin, Indiana

I also do on-site corporate training in SketchUp. I tailor the instruction to your needs, situation and existing software. CLICK HERE FOR INFO ABOUT CORPORATE SKETCHUP TRAINING

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– Bob Lang

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