Stickley No. 700 Bookcase Plans

58″ high x 36″ wide x 14″ deep

One of Harvey Ellis’ finest designs. It has a commanding presence even though it is actually rather small.

The original has four panes of leaded glass in each of the top lights. There also was no knob or handle on the original, only a small escutcheon for a key a little more than half-way up the left-hand door stile.

Plans include detailed drawings printed on two 24″ X 36″ sheets and a bill of materials.
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Stickley No. 700 Bookcase Plans — 4 Comments

  1. No, but you shouldn’t let that stop you. Many of Gustav Stickley’s pieces, like this bookcase had versions of varying widths. Here is an image (and overall dimensions) for the 2-door No. 702 Bookcase. The sides of the case and the door stiles are the same as in the No. 700 shown here. The top and bottom are longer and that’s a piece of cake to figure from the overall width. Divide the door opening down the middle with the vertical divider and you have the overall dimensions of the two doors.

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