Butt Hinges Without Fear Or Loathing — 5 Comments

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  4. Thanks for the information. I’m replacing the cabinet doors in our 1939 house. (The kitchen was probably updated in the Sixties.) The mortises are cut in the face frames, not the doors. I’m using the same hinges and using the old doors as a hinge placement model. Still, it’s a scary project for someone who has never done this before. I’m bracing myself to drill that first hole in my new paint-grade maple doors!

  5. Just a little tip on filling in the old holes from the hinge if you needed to move the hinge, I use leftover wood chop sticks that I get from Asian restaurants. I always grab a few extras, and/or ask for a few extra so I have a good supply. They are tapered at the end and you can break off the end piece, slather some glue on it, tap it into the hole. After it dries you simply cut off the end and sand it flush and bam you are back to “new”. And you don’t need to toss the remaining chopstick either, you just whittle the end to a taper again and use it the next time you need to fill a screw on just about anything.