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Bob Lang's Complete Kitchen Cabinetmaker“Bob Lang’s Complete Kitchen Cabinetmaker” has been one of my most successful books since it was published in 2006. It’s been reprinted several times (an unusual occurrence for a woodworking book in this day and age) and about a year ago my publisher decided it was time to give it a facelift. As a result, copies have been in short supply and prices for used copies on Amazon have been at insane levels. I ran out of copies months ago and scrambled to find more to take care of the folks who wanted a signed copy from me. I wasn’t expecting the new edition until late this summer, but when I got home today, my first copies were waiting for me.

What makes this book different from the dozens of other books on the topic? Like most of my books, I wrote this one to fill a need and create the sort of book that I would have found useful when I was starting out. What I needed to know (and what most builders approaching their first kitchen need to know) is what the options are, what is the difference between this and that, how can I do this work in a small shop and how do I organize a complex project so that I don’t lose my mind (or my spouse and friends) between starting and finishing.

pages from Bob Lang's Complete Kitchen CabinetmakerThe techniques shown in the book are the ones that worked best out of the numerous variations I had been exposed to during more than 30 years of earning a living as a cabinetmaker. What separates the men from the boys in that world is efficiency, so you won’t find any roundabout or convoluted ways of producing quality work. What you will find are sound techniques for building with typical home shop woodworking tools.

Face frame or frameless? Inset or overlay doors? Dovetailed solid drawer boxes or simple plywood drawers? Most books in this category present one method and ignore the others. My book presents most common methods to these and many other questions and gives you the tools you need to make intelligent decisions based on your skills, your needs and your budget. In addition to the woodworking, I show you how to keep track of all the bits and pieces and keep an eye on your budget.

I can’t compete against the mega retailers on price, but for the time being, I’m the only source of fresh copies of the revised edition of “The Complete Kitchen Cabinetmaker”. I’m offering free media mail shipping and half-price ($3.00) priority mail shipping to addresses in the United States. Buying from the author is a lot like buying your vegetables from a local grower. Your support and purchase is greatly appreciated and I sign all copies sold on my website.

See for yourself. This post about hanging a door with butt hinges is adapted from “Bob Lang’s Complete Kitchen Cabinetmaker”,  as is this post about European cabinet hinges.

 — Bob Lang

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Complete Kitchen Cabinetmaker Back in Print-Available Now — 9 Comments

  1. Bob: Will you ship to Canada as well for an added charge beyond the $3 priority US mail? or too much hassle?

    • I can, but I think the price is beyond reason. A couple years ago, sending a book to Canada cost only a dollar or two more than to send it here in the USA and I absorbed the extra postage in the interest of avoiding the hassle and being a good neighbor. With the latest price increase, my cost (that I would add without any markup) for a priority mail flat rate envelope is $20.55. I can also send it in a plain padded envelope as a first class package for $16.55. If you want to go ahead, send me an e-mail and we can arrange payment through PayPal.

      Personally, I would wait a few weeks. Lee Valley should be carrying the book and I would recommend buying it from them. I understand and don’t mind, and I’ll tell Rob Lee he owes me one next time I see him.

      Bob Lang

      • Thanks Bob.
        I am acquaintances with Rob: he is a great guy, and I’m sure he’ll pick you up a drink 🙂
        I’ll pick up the book at LV.

        • Great guy with a great head for business. International postage rates went nuts a little while ago, and it now costs me about $20 for postage to Canada. I talk about one Canadian a week out of paying that much for shipping and send them to Lee Valley.

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  3. I bought this book a couple of months ago. Too bad it isn’t a signed copy. This book is just about everything anyone needs to know about building and installing kitchen cabinets, IMO. I’ve read many of your articles and have purchased your Sketchup video series. That series helped me in a huge way toward using Sketchup effectively. Thanks Bob!

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