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  1. Bob: Will you ship to Canada as well for an added charge beyond the $3 priority US mail? or too much hassle?

    • I can, but I think the price is beyond reason. A couple years ago, sending a book to Canada cost only a dollar or two more than to send it here in the USA and I absorbed the extra postage in the interest of avoiding the hassle and being a good neighbor. With the latest price increase, my cost (that I would add without any markup) for a priority mail flat rate envelope is $20.55. I can also send it in a plain padded envelope as a first class package for $16.55. If you want to go ahead, send me an e-mail and we can arrange payment through PayPal.

      Personally, I would wait a few weeks. Lee Valley should be carrying the book and I would recommend buying it from them. I understand and don’t mind, and I’ll tell Rob Lee he owes me one next time I see him.

      Bob Lang

      • Thanks Bob.
        I am acquaintances with Rob: he is a great guy, and I’m sure he’ll pick you up a drink 🙂
        I’ll pick up the book at LV.

        • Great guy with a great head for business. International postage rates went nuts a little while ago, and it now costs me about $20 for postage to Canada. I talk about one Canadian a week out of paying that much for shipping and send them to Lee Valley.

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  3. I bought this book a couple of months ago. Too bad it isn’t a signed copy. This book is just about everything anyone needs to know about building and installing kitchen cabinets, IMO. I’ve read many of your articles and have purchased your Sketchup video series. That series helped me in a huge way toward using Sketchup effectively. Thanks Bob!

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