SketchUp Class 1: Building Blocks of SketchUp

Building Blocks of SketchUp ClassBuilding Blocks of SketchUp is a two-day class is for those with little or no experience in SketchUp, and for those who have tried SketchUp without success. In this class students will develop a thorough understanding of how the program works, how to navigate in 3D space, how to create, manipulate and modify objects in SketchUp and the relationships of objects in SketchUp.

Overcome the common problems most new SketchUp users struggle with and learn to create with 3D modeling.

  • Skills are taught using basic geometric shapes that are applicable to any type of 3D modeling. (You don’t need to be a woodworker to learn SketchUp in the class)
  • Upon completion of this class students will be prepared to further develop their SketchUp skills in any area. Subject matter for the second day of class can be tailored to specific interests of participants.

Bob Lang teaches SketchUpTopics Covered In This Class:

1. Set Up the SketchUp Program
2. Navigation: Orbit, Zoom & Pan
3. Effective Use of the Mouse & Shortcuts
4. Basic Drawing & Making Three-dimensional Objects
5. Drawing Circles, Polygons and Combined Shapes
6. Edges, Faces and Groups: The Nature of Objects in SketchUp
7. Move, Copy & Rotate: Modify and Duplicate Existing Objects
8. Components: the Key to Control & Organization of Your Model
9. Complex Shapes: Extrusions with Follow Me, Intersections, Stretching, Holes, Cones & Spheres
10. Component Collections: Save Components for Later Use, Find & Use Online Collections
11. Materials and Styles: Change & Enhance the Appearance of Your Model
12. Layers, Scenes, Printing and Exporting: Use Images From Your Model
13. What about SketchUp Pro?

Course Requirements:

  • Laptop (or other computer) with the latest free version of SketchUp installed. SketchUp runs on both PCs and Macs. Download the program at
  • A 3-button scroll-wheel mouse. You don’t need an expensive mouse, but you need to be able to left-click, right-click and scroll. SketchUp is very difficult to learn with a track pad, or with the Mac “Magic” or “Mighty” mouse.
  • Basic familiarity with how your computer operates; how to browse for files, select from menus

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