Upholstery for Craftsman Furniture — 1 Comment

  1. On my Leopold Settle I went with a 3/4″ plywood base tilted down at the rear 2″ below the front. Then an HD36 High density 5″ thick foam with the nose shaved into a ~6″ radius. Pretty comfortable. The Back cushion is the same foam with a 4″ thickness at the top and 6.5″ at the bottom(13″ tall). Arm cushions are 5″ at the top and 7.5″ at the bottom and then trimmed to fit against the angled base cushion. Reason I have different thickness’s at the top is because the upper wood top/arms have different overhangs between the back and sides.

    Only issue is that the settle is so deep my wife has an issue with the knees hitting the front cross beam. Did not want to go any deeper with the back cushion however.