Stickley No. 384 Side Chair & No. 386 Arm Chair Plans

The seat cushions rest on a canvas or leather sling attached to the front and back rails with a narrow wooden cleat. Not much wood, but lots of mortises. Make full-size templates of the legs to be sure of the locations of the rails and stretchers.

Plans include detailed drawings printed on two 24″ X 36″ sheets and a bill of materials.
(International customers please E-mail before purchase for shipping estimate)

International customers please E-mail before purchase for shipping estimate
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Stickley No. 384 Side Chair & No. 386 Arm Chair Plans — 5 Comments

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  2. I purchased both the spindle chairs as well as the 599 testle table. The chairs should be returned to me in a couple days from the uphostery guy. My two caveats to those doing this chair is 1. to be sure to allow for the cleat holding the upholstery “sling” in place, to make sure you allow the full 1/2″ clearance needed; otherwise the cross members, if centered may cause it to pooch out just a bit. Also, the cleats are not entirely invisible. Either stain/paint them dark brown, or finish them exactly as you do the rest of the chair. 2. The arms on these chairs are shaped with a sort of fluid curve and taper, though not seen in the drawing. My neighbor has a rocking chair version of this and I was able to trace the arm and creat a template.

    The table should be done in a couple days as well. A snafu in the staining of the top meant I had to sand and redo the top… with more lessons learned!

    Is there a plan available somewhere for the Ellis Secretary, with the built in side dispaly cabinets?

    • Hi Phil,

      I haven’t seen a printed plan of that piece, and I haven’t drawn it. Yet. It’s on my list as well as the “bucket lists” of many.


    • I am currently building a prototype before jumping into a full set. Do have something wrong or is it me? The seat seems very low. I’m thinking it should be around 19 – 20 inches high.

      • Hi Al,

        My drawings show the original arrangement to these chairs, with a canvas sling supporting a loose seat cushion (not shown in the drawings). This post

          discusses modern-day options for seat cushions. The front rail is at 16″ above the floor, and with an inch or two of cushions, the seat of the completed chair will be close to 18″ above the floor, the current standard. If you’re not sure, and since your making a prototype, leave the legs a few inches long at the bottom. When you have them together give them a test sit at a table.