Updated Links to “The Craftsman”

As an author I don’t expect my readers to take my word as gospel. I believe I have a responsibility to point readers in the direction of my sources. Gustav Stickley’s “The Craftsman Magazine” has been an essential source (and an inspiration) and the University of Wisconsin has hosted the entire 16-year run of the monthly originally published in the early 20th century. In 2013 and 2015 I published two posts on this site with links to the archive.

The other day I was asked for my opinion on the authenticity of an inlaid chair. I decided to take a look and the January 1904 article “Structure and Ornament in the Craftsman Workshop” where Gustav Stickley revealed a new line of furniture with inlays most likely designed by Harvey Ellis. The link I had bookmarked led to the University’s digital collection homepage and it took a bit of digging to find what I had been looking for.

I just updated the links to “The Craftsman” on these two posts:

Woodworking Articles from Stickley’s “The Craftsman” Magazine

Harvey Ellis in “The Craftsman” Magazine

If you have an interest in the furniture of Gustav Stickley, you will enjoy reading what Gus himself had to say about his work.

Bob Lang

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