Woodworking Classes at MASW for 2020

Bob Lang Stickley BookcaseBob Lang Byrdcliffe CarvingRegistration will open soon at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking in Franklin, Indiana and I will be teaching two classes at MASW next year. The first is a week-long class June 22-26, 2020 “Design & Build a Craftsman Bookcase”

There is a bit of a difference between the class descriptions on the school web site, and what I intended for these classes. That’s my fault and it isn’t that big of a deal. The description on the school site is for the Stickley/Ellis #700 bookcase that I taught a couple of years ago. This time around I wanted to keep things a bit simpler, build a case without a door and tailor the size to your needs. That will give us more time to explore joinery options and the engineering and design aspects of Craftsman style casework. The image at right is of a bookcase I made while at Popular Woodworking in 2008. It isn’t a strict reproduction, but it has most of the details of the originals, and it includes a secret drawer. What I have in mind for the class is something similar in size and configuration with several options for the joints that hold the case together. It’s also an option to build something similar to the 700 bookcase with an overhanging top.

If you want to take this class, and you’re feeling ambitious, you can build a reproduction of the 700, or you can add a divided light door to this style of case. I will be in touch with everyone who signs up to work on individual plans, and everyone in class will be making their own variation. It won’t be a big deal to add the door, although that will probably mean more “homework” after the class is over. Here are the variations and they can be built in any reasonable size.

Bob Lang Stickley Craftsman bookcase If you have any questions of concerns, get in touch with me by email. Despite the confusion this will be a great class and you’ll walk away with increased knowledge, confidence in your skills and a handsome piece of furniture.

I’m not getting any younger and there’s a chance that this might be the last week-long class for me.

Registration for the public opens on December 2, 2019. If you’ve taken classes at MASW before you get a head start so watch you inbox to see when alumni registration opens. CLICK HERE FOR REGISTRATION INFO

The second class is the weekend of September 26-27, 2020 “Colorful Arts & Crafts Carvings”. Again, I didn’t get the right description in to the school, so what’s online at marcadams.com is also a description for a class from a few years ago.

It’s basically the same class, but there will be more choices in what to carve and we won’t be making a frame. It’s a lot to pack into a weekend class so we’ll focus on the important parts; recreating one of the designs from the Byrdcliffe colony, or something similar from the period. Again, I’ll be in touch with everyone who signs up well in advance of the class to help in pattern selection. We’ll be carving and coloring a basswood panel similar to on of these:


If, like me you’re taken with the unique designs from the Byrdcliffe colony, stay tuned for some exciting news later this winter. Sign up for my email list or subscribe to this blog.

– Bob Lang

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