2 Things That Bite SketchUp Beginners — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Bob

    Many Windows and PC users (including me) work with a wireless mouse, but we can’t get the damn thing to work well in SKETCHUP. Do we have to use a corded mouse? Is the only solution?


    • I don’t think the issue is with the mouse being wireless, that’s what I use. What I have seen is that some have additional software that overrides the system mouse settings. That confuses SketchUp to no end. If you have extra software installed that came with your mouse, uninstall it and revert to the basic system mouse drivers. I recommend the most basic 3-button scroll-wheel mouse you can find and just plug it in. It’s been a while since I used SketchUp on a Mac, but I think you need to go into system preferences and change a few things to enable the standard mouse to function correctly.

      hope this helps,

      Bob Lang