Bob Lang’s Work, 1980s

I left college in the early 1970s and began my woodworking career building speaker cabinets for PA systems. Later in the 1970s I worked repairing wooden boats on Lake Erie, supervised the scene shop at a curiously placed Midwestern marine park, and worked in a large commercial cabinet shop. The only images around from those days are some fuzzy prints taken with a Kodak Instamatic.

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In the early 1980s I was laid-off from my job. I came close to entering an apprenticeship with the National Trust for Historic Preservation in restoration carpentry. As I was about to pack, funding for the program was cut and I spent several years as a self-employed “designer/craftsman” traveling to crafts shows on weekends and making stuff in between shows. As the 80s ended, I decided to get a real job.

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I’m also the author of several books, you can learn more about them (and buy a signed copy directly from the author) when you click here.


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