The Value of Details in SketchUp — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Bob,
    I’m new to the blog but a long time fan (since the pie safe at least.) I have tried sketchup several times, get frustrated with what appears to be a steep learning curve. There’s usually a new version with different screens by the time I come back to it- and I come back because I know I need it. Have you, or anyone you respect, written anything on the learning process? I’ve had books- the missing manual series- and tried online sequences. But that’s tough with one computer. Could you or anyone who reads this point me in a direction? Always ready to give it another shot.

    • Hi George,

      At the risk of sounding like a complete shill, you should take a look at

        “Building Blocks of SketchUp”

      It was written to give guys like you a firm foundation of how SketchUp works, while addressing the common issues that new SketchUp users stumble on. It isn’t “woodworking specific”, it’s all playing with basic blocks and simple geometric shapes. It’s what we do in the first couple of days in my week-long classes.

      Bob Lang

      • Don’t worry about the shill thing. I’ve learned a ton from your books and almost have a quartersawn oak kitchen to send you pics of. I’ll check it out and when you have a 2015 class schedule I’d love to attend one.

    • Dennis,
      My name is Alwyn from Namibia. I share your frustration. When I first started with SU, version 6 I must admit, I had the same problem. Nowadays it’s a piece of cake.

      You must check out Bob’s books on SketchUp for Woodworkers as well as visit Joe Zeh’s website. What I’ve learned from Chiefwoodworker is still of value today for me.

      Greetings from Dark Africa.

      • I have lots of Bob’s books and I’ve seen the Joe’ ads. Who is Chiefwoodworker? and Greetings from Denver, Colorado

        • Joe also calls himself “Chiefwoodworker”.

          I’ve learned a ton from his videos. I was trained in the traditional 2D paper drafting, so the switch was difficult for me.

          Greetings from Dark Africa