SketchUp Classes for 2014

RWDLS_#03Over the past several months I’ve made fuzzy mention about SketchUp classes for 2014, and I’ve been receiving requests for a schedule. Before I go out on a limb, I’d like to gauge the interest of my audience about class formats, times and locations.

Here is a link that details how we went about it last time, and links within that page go into even more detail:

SketchUp Classes in Cincinnati 2012

That’s my idea of what a good class should be, and if I can find 6 or more people to commit to a class this spring, I’ll go ahead and book space. Costs and class format will be about the same as previous classes.

MASW2012_0246Holding the class at a wonderful facility with great food and comfy seats is a considerable investment on my part, so if you would like to take a class with me in Cincinnati this summer, fill out the form below or contact me by e-mail. This is only an aid to help me schedule, you won’t be committed in any way. I should be able to gauge interest and announce dates before the end of June.

There is also a possibility that better options exist, so if there is more interest in holding a class in another location or at a later date, I can make a decision and schedule. One reasonable alternative is to do what the Gwinnet Woodworkers Association did when they invited me down to teach a class for them. Because we held that class in the club’s regular meeting space and the club managed registration, the cost for each attendee was considerably less than if they attended a class held by me or at a woodworking school.

If your group is interesting in hosting a SketchUp class, get in touch with me and we’ll work out the details.

If you wouldn’t mind filling out the following form, we can get classes scheduled that better meet your needs.

Thanks in advance,

 — Bob Lang

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