Router Templates for Mortises Made Easy (& Accurately) — 4 Comments

  1. Bob, Thank you for a COOL, simple way of Cutting these mortises… Very good technique!

    A very nice Book Rack too!

    A Knock-Down piece makes it super easy to ship or move long distances.

    Thanks again… Great job!

  2. How do you print full size patterns?Do you need a special printer and program?

    • Good question David. I’ll try to get to a blog post that details the process of printing full-size from SketchUp. You don’t need a special program or printer, but there is a specific sequence you need to follow and SketchUp’s printing dialogue is a bit obtuse. The short answer is that you need to be in one of the “Standard Views” and have the Camera set to “Parallel Projection” instead of “Perspective”.

      New post answering the question in detail can be found here.

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