6th of 10 Things I Wish I Had Known About SketchUp — 8 Comments

  1. excellent. thanks for this. moving from lightwave to sketchup and this was driving me crazy.

  2. i realize that quite early and it is great tool …untill i wanted to call a component that i used it to make bigger components to reuse it somewhere else…and i can’t find how!!! except copying a component how can we call it in our drawing? in general…you really can’t work without groups and components in sketch up!!

    • In

        this post

      I talk about redefining components. There is also the option to make a component “unique”. Right-click over any component and select “Make Unique” from the menu. That changes the name of that component by adding #1 after the definition name. Unique components can be edited without affecting instances of the original component.

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