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Last Thursday, August 12, 2021 I had the pleasure of discussing Byrdcliffe furniture with Henry T. Ford, Byrdcliffe Historian and Director Emeritus in an online forum, presented by the Woodstock-Byrdcliffe Guild. The guild has a multi-faceted mission; they maintain the remaining buildings of the original Byrdcliffe colony, host gallery shows, concerts and other events and continue to offer an artists in residence program. If you’re ever in the vicinity of Woodstock, New York you won’t be disappointed with a visit. They have been the friendliest and most helpful caretakers that I have met while researching furniture of the American Arts & Crafts period of the early twentieth century.

Below is a video recorded of the session. Thanks to the guild for inviting me and to Henry T. Ford for an interesting and enlightening conversation.

My latest book “Shop Drawings for Byrdcliffe Furniture” would not have been possible without the Woodstock-Byrdcliffe Guild. You can purchase it at the guild’s shop in Woodstock or directly from me.

– Bob Lang


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