Shop Drawings for Byrdcliffe Furniture Pre-Orders

Thank you for your interest in my new book “Shop Drawings for Byrdcliffe Furniture” and your support of my work.This is the only book that provides detailed information about furniture originally produced at the Byrdcliffe Colony in Woodstock, New York in the early 20th century. Click this link to have a look at whats inside the 228 pages.

The softcover print version of this book is at the printer and will be available for shipping in a few weeks. There is also a PDF version of the book available now. For customers outside the USA, this book will be available through most booksellers at a list price of $45 (USD). (The ridiculously high costs of sending books outside the USA keeps me from shipping directly to international customers.)

For those with addresses in the USA: When I have books in hand, the trade paperback print book will be listed at $39.95 + $7.75 for priority mail shipping. The PDF download version will be $24.95. For both the print and PDF versions (ordered at the same time) the price will be $54.95.

All 30 of the carving patterns in the book will be available for printing at actual size in PDF download format for $29.95 without a book purchase, or for $15.00 if ordered with either version of the book.

If you have a mailing address in the United States and want to be among the first to receive this new book, you can pre-order the print book today and receive the PDF download version immediately* for $39.95 + $7.75 for priority mail shipping. If you want to include the Full Size Carving Patterns with the book, the price is $54.95 + $7.75 for priority mail shipping. Just click the buttons below to make your purchase.

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$39.95 (+$7.75 Shipping)
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$54.95 (+7.75 Shipping)
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*Please Note: Print books are on order and I expect them to arrive within three weeks. Your book will be signed and sent to you via USPS Priority Mail as soon as possible. Links to download the PDF publication will be sent to you as soon as possible. I have to manually send these links, so please understand that occasionally I am away from my computer to eat or sleep. If you don’t receive the links within 24 hours of making your purchase send me an email to let me know.


If you only want the PDF version of the book, before it is available to the general public, you can purchase that with the button below. When you complete your payment you will receive an email link to download your book. These emails are automatically generated and usually appear in your inbox within minutes. If you don’t get the email, check your junk or spam folder. If it isn’t there, send me an email and I’ll make sure it gets to you.

PDF Book Only Download $24.95 PDF Book + Full Size Patterns Download $39.95 Checkout to Complete your Order


As always, folks like you make things possible for folks like me, and your support is greatly appreciated by me and my family.

– Bob Lang


Shop Drawings for Byrdcliffe Furniture Pre-Orders — 1 Comment

  1. I received the book today! Wow, my wife is already picking out things for me to build.
    Thanks for a great publication on an almost forgotten furniture design collection. I particularly like the chapters on the history and the pieces made and what survives today. Time for a road trip!