Craftsman Furniture: History vs. Marketing — 2 Comments

  1. OK, so, bottom line, I could get your plans for the standard side chair and modify it a bit to look like the current “HE” chair from stickley? I want to try my own inlays. Don

  2. Fascinating. I think I am that reader that asked about the Harvey Ellis Chairs (and I wondered why I never heard back from you). Thanks for the info. I have ALL of your books including the newest one. The inlay wasn’t of that much interest to me. I liked the higher back and double rails. I’d be making these for my 1911 Arts and Crafts Bungalow in LA. So I was thinking something perhaps more “substantial” would fit better.

    Here are pics of our dinging room from This Old House Magazine where the chairs would go.,,1576623_1278097,00.html,,1576623,00.html

    LOVE YOUR PLANS AND BOOKS. My dream is to make everything in all of your books before I leave the planet.

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