Stickley Splayed Leg Table Reproduction — 2 Comments

  1. Bob, thank you… BUT, I will Make One before I spend $1,300 for one! 🙂 😀 LOL

    Will people really spend that much for a table like that?! Amazing!

    Hope you get your price…

    Very nice table… Good work!

  2. Bob,
    I have had the magazine with the article of The Lost Stickley Table for years, I also bought your book Classic Arts & Crafts Furniture. I decided to make this table and enter it in our woodworking showcase at the end of March. this was the first table I made and got a third place in the show. Our woodworking organization is Northeastern Woodworkers out of Albany NY. I have admired your work and articles for many years when you were at Pop Wood. Thanks for shedding light on the demise of Pop Wood. I was a subscriber for years, but last year I canceled my subscription, I couldn’t read it anymore. I have been looking through the book trying to figure out what I want to make for next years show. Good luck to you and everything you do.