Stickley No. 369 Slant-arm Morris Chair Plans — 8 Comments

    • I don’t actively solicit teaching gigs, although I do enjoy them. Marc doesn’t usually repeat the same project class, but if you bug someone with a school in your neighborhood they might invite me.


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  2. I have purchased your full size drawings and really want to build this chair, but I don’t want a chair that sits so low as I am finding the effort to get out of a very low chair increasingly difficult. I downloaded your sketchup model and have played around with the leg length, but am not sure what that does to the design. Have you seen taller Morris chairs? What, in your opinion, is the best way to raise the seating level of the chair without totally destroying the design?
    I am the same guy that ask about any scheduled classes for this chair.

  3. Hi Tom, I think the easiest solution is to add 2 inches or so to the bottom of each leg. That would have the least impact on the design and shouldn’t change the appearance much. Although the chair (and all Gus Stickley Morris chairs) sits low, you can get a good grip on the ends of the arms to assist in getting up.


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