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11-5-2014 4-29-05 PM

Visit the 360 WoodWorking website to get a taste of a new approach to woodworking media.

January 15, 2015 Update:

There is now an entire issue of 360 Woodworking available for free.

Head on over to 360woodworking.com and check it out.

One month ago, Glen Huey, Chuck Bender and I left our jobs to start a grand experiment in woodworking media. Earlier today, we pumped the gas pedal, turned the key and launched 360woodworking.com. There is still a lot of work to do, but we wanted to give real examples of the type of presentations we’ve been talking about. At the moment, we’re showing a relatively simple project several different ways.

Glen Huey builds a small Shaker Stool/Bench and writes about it in an online article that includes video clips. There is a related article about milling lumber; if you want to read that, it’s one click away. If you don’t want the basics of that step, just keep reading.

That same article is also available as a PDF download. The PDF version also has embedded video, no trips online or leaving your place in what you’re reading. It’s a great way to show exactly what happens at that step of the build.

The project build is on video, and there are a couple of ways to view the video as well. If you have the time, you can sit through the entire thing. If you prefer to digest video content in smaller bites, it is also formatted as an online class. The class is divided into shorter portions and after you register, the course remembers where you were when you left off.

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Get reliable information in the way that works best for you. 360 WoodWorking combines text, photos, illustrations and videos to tell the whole story.

In a short while you’ll find another sample article. In this one, I visit one of the meccas of Arts & Crafts furniture and share a boatload of photos of original pieces, in their original setting. In a little over a month, you will see several articles presented together, our first “issue”. In each of these articles we will take as much space as we need to, include plenty of images, and when it helps to tell the story we will include video; either embedded within the text or as an independent presentation.

None of these elements are new, but the difference is how we have combined different media and experienced authors in a new way. We aren’t limited to a specific number of pages and we don’t need to squeeze our material in between advertising. As we grow, you’ll see projects of all sorts, techniques you can trust, and interaction between the authors, editors and other readers. Much of his content will be free, but we do need to earn a living, so some of the content will only be available to paid subscribers. There will be an “issue” every other month, and fresh content every week, including videos and a podcast.

One decision we made early one was to provide our first content for free. That way readers can see and judge for themselves before they commit to a subscription. All of the content on 360 WoodWorking will be free through the end of 2014. I hope you’ll find the time to visit and explore, and that you will let your friends know about us. If you want to go ahead and subscribe, we’ll be grateful for the show of support. We won’t charge your credit card until after the new year and subscriptions placed now will run through all of 2015.

 — Bob Lang

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