Thanks and an Update on 360 Woodworking — 7 Comments

  1. The email that led me to this update, I like. And I don’t mind monthly or weekly newsletters if they have useful information in them and not just sales hype. Mary May does a fine job of sending updates to announce new content. I think it’s once a month, but it seems like forever between. Charles Neil recently began sending out short weekly newsletters that are informative and always include a great tip and update on his activities. These are the types of emails I can’t wait to get and read.

    How about a donut on a stick for us messy folks?

  2. All sounds good. I’m looking forward to a new approach. I think I’ll scream if I get one more hounding from PM to buy this book or video. Seems like daily that I am inundated with a sales pitch of one kind of another.


  3. Bob has given voice to my growing discontent with Pop Wood, and certainly the gorilla/ guerrilla marketing of its mother company. When the remainder of my 2 year subscription ends at that magazine, so will my readership. I fully expect David (Bob, Glenn & Chuck) will slay the giant!

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