Thanks and an Update on 360 Woodworking — 7 Comments

  1. The email that led me to this update, I like. And I don’t mind monthly or weekly newsletters if they have useful information in them and not just sales hype. Mary May does a fine job of sending updates to announce new content. I think it’s once a month, but it seems like forever between. Charles Neil recently began sending out short weekly newsletters that are informative and always include a great tip and update on his activities. These are the types of emails I can’t wait to get and read.

    How about a donut on a stick for us messy folks?

  2. Best of Luck to Bob, Glen and Chuck. I’m really looking forward to see what you guys accomplish!

  3. All sounds good. I’m looking forward to a new approach. I think I’ll scream if I get one more hounding from PM to buy this book or video. Seems like daily that I am inundated with a sales pitch of one kind of another.


  4. Bob has given voice to my growing discontent with Pop Wood, and certainly the gorilla/ guerrilla marketing of its mother company. When the remainder of my 2 year subscription ends at that magazine, so will my readership. I fully expect David (Bob, Glenn & Chuck) will slay the giant!