Stickley Music Cabinet: A Different Approach — 5 Comments

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  2. Bob,

    I am currently building a Stickley #700 A&C Bookcase from your plans and it is coming out great. I do have a question on the dimensions of the face frame stiles as relates to the door. The stiles, according to the plan, are 7/8ths of an inch thick and the door is made from 3/4 stock. My question is the placement of the hinges. Is there going to be a problem with the action of the hinges as the part on the stile will be set back from the face? Am I missing something?

    Any insight will be appreciated.

    Dan C.

    • Hi Dan,

      Set the hinges so that the barrel of the hinge is right at the outer edge of the stile. It will be slightly proud of the edge of the door, but that sets the door back from the face of the stile. Because of the width of the door, you’ll likely need to put a slight back bevel on the lock side of the door stile.


      • Hey Bob,

        Thanks for the speedy reply. That was my thought also but wanted to double check. The carcass is all finished and I’m starting on the door. It should be ready for pictures in about two weeks.

        Thanks again for your assistance and the great plans.

        Dan C.

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