The 6 Most Important Woodworkers I’ve Ever Known — 6 Comments

  1. Bob: Thank you so much for sharing this. This is a very inspirational story and something I feel very passionate about. This fits right in with Mike Rowe’s advocacy about the “Skills Gap.”

    This movement needs enthusiastic support and I have the feeling that with Blog posts like Bob’s and Mike Rowe’s efforts, society will be enriched.

    Tom Hoffman
    Orangevale, CA

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  3. I started teaching shop in the late 60′ in California. In the 70’s shop programs started to disappear. Much of money went into expensive computer labs which taught the students how to cut and paste others work. The problem in trying to bring back shop classes is the lack of qualified instructors and the lack of school districts will to make the dollar investment

    • That’s one of the exciting things about Dean Mattson, and a deeper part of this story. He has called for a national training center, supported by industry, to duplicate his model around the country.

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