SketchUp 2014-Custom Toolbars and New Toolbar Features — 4 Comments

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  2. Hello Bob
    I bought your book Woodworkers Guide to Sketchup and found it very helpful. I am getting very familiar with the tools and have started to draw projects.
    In this blog you mention add-ons and getting them from the Extension Wharehouse. What add- ons have you downloaded? At what stage in learning Sketchup did you see the need for add-ons? Are there any that you would recommend?

  3. Hi Bob.
    I really appreciate the article, and it has proven quite helpful for knowing how to customize my tool bars. However, I’m still stuck with tool menus that remain off screen. On my work machine it’s not a problem because it’s a dual display system. Whenever I load a new tool set, the menu appears on the other screen and I just have to move it into place. On my home system however, I’ve only one screen. When I check in Window >Preferences >Extensions, Thea Render for SketchUp & vfs extensions are ticked but invisible. Along with a few others. How do I get them on screen?

    • Got to the View Menu and select Toobars. The extension toolbars ought to be in the list under the Toolbars tab.

      Bob Lang