Furniture in the Southern Style-Bargain Hunter’s Alert

Southern StyleA few years ago, Glen Huey and I traveled to Winston Salem, North Carolina to visit MESDA and do research for a book of measured drawings of early southern American furniture. MESDA is different from most museums and their collection isn’t the ultra-high end rich guy’s furniture from the 18th and 19th centuries, the collection is comprised of excellent examples of what “regular guys” would own. Glen and I selfishly included pieces that caught our eye and spent the next few months preparing measured drawings. The result is similar to my “Shop Drawings” books; the first portion of the book is introductory text, followed by the drawings.

Normally I steer people to purchase my books from me but I don’t carry this book in my store. I stumbled upon a crazy price from Lee Valley earlier today, and if you’re at all interested in this book you can pick up a copy for less money that I can get it for wholesale. This book likely won’t go to a second printing, so you should get it while you can.

Click Here to order “Furniture in the Southern Style” from Lee Valley (and tell them Bob sent you).

With the money you save, you can order one of my other books from me.

 — Bob Lang

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