Building Blocks of SketchUp–SketchUp Tool Guide — 9 Comments

  1. Bob,

    I think you’re going to encourage many, many people to learn SU, with the help of your ‘tutorials’, who otherwise might be intimidated to even begin. If this sample is any indication of the organization, thoroughness, and clarity of the rest of this work, then not only are you making a significant contribution to the ‘graphics’ training scores of people, many of whom would not have become involved otherwise. but you should sell a gazillion copies. I surely hope so!

  2. Bob,

    This will be terrific! Congratulations – what a wonderful way to encourage others to use SU. The sample file is clear and concise, in a beautiful layout. Classic Lang!

  3. Bob, The sample looks very interesting. I can’t wait to get the full copy. One suggestion, if its not too late, would be to look at changing the font. I found the current font very difficult to read.

    • I agree, the font is difficult to read. The font you used on this page it’s much easier to read.

      • It’s too late to change the font, and I trust my designer on things like this. One of the things you can do in Adobe Reader is make the page larger so it’s easier to read on screen.

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  5. i think after spending 30 bucks to get this a little instruction on how to start the program would be nice. I get the cover page but can’t move beyond it. what do I need to do.

  6. Jim, sorry you’re having a problem. This post explains the features. A couple of questions that will help me help you:

    Did the entire file download? It can take awhile, and you may have tried to open it before the download was complete.

    Are you opening the file in Adobe Reader? The book is in PDF format, and you may be seeing a preview image from your computer, or your machine may be trying to open it in something other than Adobe Reader.

    Send me an e-mail and we’ll get it working for you.

    Bob Lang

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