Voysey Mantel Clock Detail Pictures — 6 Comments

  1. Nice Job, Bob. Did you make the hands as well, I didnt see any mention of them in the article. They look handmade.

  2. Thanks Dale,

    The hands are the same tiger maple as the other parts. Started as 1/16th thick, cut on the scroll saw then epoxied to the metal hands that come with the clock movement. Works well except that the minute hand needs to be pared down to nearly nothing to leave room for the little brass nut to screw on.

    I’m actually making several of these, a couple with the woods reversed (black legs and maple face, dome and top, the prototype which is mahogany and sapele with ebony inlays, and my wife is trying her hand at duplicating the original painted version. I’ll be showing those when they are presentable.


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