How to Interpret Shop Drawings for Craftsman (and other) Furniture — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Bob,
    Long time fan! Your work should be more visable in “Popular Woodworking”. I really appreciate reading both you and Chis’s books. Not that I don’t with Glen’s, just a matter of taste I guess? Anyway, just bought your new book and looking very much forward to reading it. I”ve been working wood all my life (mostly as a carpenter/home builder), but after taking a bad fall at work 8 years ago, left me disabled. my mind still wants to work wood but my body says no! I read a lot. It helps keep my sanity and wits, plus it’s what I enjoy and who I am and nothing can change that! Anyway just wanted to say thanks and I appreciate your work!

    WR Van Sciver

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