Stickley No. 323 Rocker Plans

40″ high x 30″ wide x 30″ deep

The original of the chair had a drop-in spring seat cushion, covered in leather. There was also a back cushion that tied to the top of the back posts. A note about the drawing views-the plan, front elevation, elevation of the back, and side section are all drawn with the arms and side rails parallel to the plane of the floor. Technically this is not correct, but it shows the important parts in their true sizes and shapes. Sometimes being incorrect is the right thing to do.

Plans include detailed drawings printed on two 24″ X 36″ sheets and a bill of materials.

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Stickley No. 323 Rocker Plans — 2 Comments

  1. what is the phone number for I need to get a tracking number for my order because I have not received email confirmation.

    • Hi Mike,

      The best way to get in touch is by email and there are links for that on every page of this website. I’ve been selling plans online for 21 years and gave up sending shipping confirmation email early on. You’d probably be surprised by how many people there are who use bad addresses when they buy stuff and my inbox is full enough.

      Your order was printed and mailed the day you ordered (last Friday). Today is Monday,a national holiday with no mail delivery. I send plans first class mail, which is affordable but does not include tracking. If your plans aren’t there tomorrow or the day after send an email and I will send them again.

      Bob Lang