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Bob Lang’s other website, craftsmanplans.com has been around since 2001 and this site was launched in 2011. We hope you’ll enjoy your visit and learn more about his books and woodworking plans.

This post “Why I Wrote Shop Drawings for Craftsman Furniture” explains of bit about who Bob is and where he came from. Here is a brief biography:

I was born and raised in northeastern Ohio, in the college town of Kent. In the early 1970s, I dropped out of college and became a cabinetmaker. Like many of my generation I didn’t want to wear a tie and sit in an office. I learned the trade in several different shops, including building speaker cabinets for sound systems, wood boat repair on Lake Erie, scenery and prop building for an aquatic theme park in an unlikely location, and in more than few commercial cabinet shops. I also ventured into my own business and spent the early 1980s designing, building and traveling the country to sell my stuff at arts & crafts shows. By the late 1990s I was working as a project manager/engineer in the architectural millwork industry.

My first magazine article was published in “Woodshop News” in 1998, followed by my first article for “Fine Woodworking” Magazine. My first book, “Shop Drawings for Craftsman Furniture” was published in 2001. In 2004, I began to work full-time for Popular Woodworking Magazine, where I am currently the executive editor and illustrator. Along the way I’ve written several books and about 100 magazine articles.

The process of making things from wood is a special one, and I have been blessed to spend most of my adult life with better craftsmen than I; learning, making and sharing what has been shared with me.