Greene & Greene Robinson Dining Table Plans — 4 Comments

  1. I was wondering if you had plans for the Gamble house dinning room table?

  2. Just the Robinson House table. When I was researching for the book, I was able to get a much closer look at the Robinson Table.

  3. Built the Robinson House table, using your plans. Question: looking for a way hold the table-top “centered” on the base when leaves are installed. With the top expanded and two (of three possible) leaves are inserted, you can slide the entire table-top back-and-forth the width of the third leaf. Other than installing pins/holes to retain/center the one, or two leaf installation, I’m not seeing an obvious solution. Tell me I’m missing something obvious? Thank you!

    • Hi Chad,

      I think your solution of pins to hold the slides in the intermediate positions is a good solution. My plans were “all or nothing” for opening the top and adding leaves. Congratulations on the build.


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