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  1. I have the Book about Southern furniture along with the Sketchuo DVD. I have already built the pinwheel cabinet on the cover. As usual, I enjoy your books and articles very much. I hope to attend the Sketchup workshop in Indiana this summer if there is room and I can swing it.
    The reason for my letter, in the Southern furniture book, i notice the Sketchup views have “scenes” listed across the top, however, when I open the DVD, there are no “scenes” that I can see. I am very lame when it comes to computer handling, so maybe it’s something I am doing wrong. Are ther “scenes” in the drawing on the DVD? And, if so, how can I get them to show up on my computer? Thanks for any help you can give in this matter, joe

    • Hi Joe,

      It isn’t you. We used “scenes” to save drawing points of view with dimensions, and those eventually became the illustrations in the book. Some were different views of the completed model, and some were bits and pieces that we copied and moved off into empty space. Scenes are helpful for situations like this, but if you try to look at the entire model, it ends up being cluttered. We decided to strip all those extras and only put the models on the disc. If you want, you can easily add your own scenes with dimensions, and print the views that are relevant to you.

      I’m overdue for a blog post about using scenes for printing shop drawings, and I’ll try to get that accomplished soon. The process is covered in (prepare for shameless plug) “Woodworker’s Guide to SketchUp” and it is also something I cover in classes. Making the model is only the first half of the battle, the other half is mining the model for information.

      Bob Lang

    • In the Pro version of SketchUp, you can import AutoCAD files, such as DWG and DXF. That’s one of the differences between SketchUp “Make” and SketchUp Pro. In the free version, “SketchUp Make” you can import image files, scale them to size then build the model on top of them. Working on a video now of using that process.

      –Bob Lang

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