Value of Craftsman Furniture

In January 1902, Gustav Stickley suggested to readers of The Craftsman that they should examine furniture in the same way they would examine prospective friends, to look for moral and agreeable qualities in both. That may seem like an odd … Continue reading

5th of 10 Things I Wish I Had Known About SketchUp

Just Type The Number I think this post is more about me and the way my brain works than it is about learning to use SketchUp. Now that I’ve become somewhat adept at modelling, I really admire the simple and … Continue reading

4th of 10 Things I Wish I Had Known About SketchUp

Click and Let Go, ClickClick, and ClickClickClick One thing I plan on emphasizing in this year’s SketchUp classes is using the mouse effectively. Modeling in SketchUp is a very efficient process if you click the right way at the right … Continue reading

2nd of 10 Things I Wish I Had Known About SketchUp

Using point inferences to move

Those Colored Lines and Dots Mean Something Learning how to use software that’s new to you is like adapting to the way things are in a foreign country. The language is different, the customs are different, and behavior that is … Continue reading

Gustav Stickley Finishing Article

Detail Photo of Antique Stickley China Cabinet

Arts & Crafts furniture finishes, especially the “proper” finish for quartersawn white oak are not difficult to achieve, if you know what you’re really after. A lot of woodworkers want the grain to “pop”, which is a worthy goal for … Continue reading

Free Stickley Book Rack Plan-Format Experiment

I’ve been selling plans online for 10 years through, large format printed plans. They’re nicely done, but if you’ve never made any furniture or worked with measured drawings, they can be intimidating. Over the years, there have been requests … Continue reading

Why I Wrote Shop Drawings for Craftsman Furniture

I never set out to be a writer. I’m a cabinetmaker first and foremost and have been since the early 1970s. In those days resources were few and I was continually on the prowl for new information about woodworking and … Continue reading

Woodworkers Guide to SketchUp-What About SketchUp 8?

Update: A revised & updated Version of my book is now available! CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION ABOUT THE “NEW WOODWORKER’S GUIDE TO SKETCHUP” Hi Bob, Any plans to update your SketchUp 7 ebook to SketchUp 8? Time frame? Thanks. Pete … Continue reading