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Bob Lang's SketchUp For Kitchen DesignAs an independent author/publisher I enjoy being free of corporate policies and rigamarole, so I can give stuff away if I think it makes a product better. While I was working on my new book “SketchUp For Kitchen Design” I thought it a good idea to provide some of the models used in the book to readers of the book. Simple enough for the version that comes in the mail on disc, but I hit a snag for including the models with the download version. My hope had been to include a folder containing the SketchUp files along with the PDF in the same arrangement as it is on disc.

Plan “A” proved too messy for my liking, so it was on to plan “B”. There is now a collection in the SketchUp 3D Warehouse called “Bob Lang’s SketchUp for Kitchen Design Collection”. These are dirt-simple proxy models of typical kitchen base and wall cabinets (both face frame and frameless versions) as well as simple appliance models. These serve as placeholders while you are working on the ultimate cabinet layout for your (or your client’s) new kitchen. Because they are simple, they are easy to change, and easy to apply materials to so you can try out various arrangements and looks.

Click the image above and the arrow that automagically appears to view this models in three dimensions. Click on the 3D Warehouse logo to download the model.

In the book I show you how to make a set of your own simple cabinets in addition to almost everything else you need to know about how to make a 3D model of a kitchen using SketchUp. Technically speaking, using these models is cheating, but that’s OK. One of my goals as a teacher is to show ways to make life easy, and using 3D Warehouse models instead of modeling everything from scratch can save oodles of time. So if you have the room together, don’t have much time and want to use these you can feel efficient instead of guilty.

When you’ve settled on a basic layout for the room, I show you how to search and find 3D Warehouse models of stock cabinets and real world fixtures and appliances. And I show you how (in both text and video) to put those parts exactly where you want them with an absolute minimum of fuss and foul language. I also show how to render your model to make it look good (using real-life materials if you want) and create a professional looking presentation.


CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE BOOK “BOB LANG’S SKETCHUP FOR KITCHEN DESIGN” The book is in enhanced PDF format with 49 short video lessons embedded within the 195 pages of text. It’s easy to search and takes you from downloading and installing SketchUp to creating a kitchen design and sharing that design with professional images and drawings. Along the way you’ll learn when and how to cheat efficient methods for 3D modeling. If you’ve struggled with learning SketchUp on your own, you’ll find this an incredible value. Last but not least, it’s at a special introductory price until November 1, 2016.

Bob Lang

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