My Position In Relation to the Weather

RWL_7614About a week ago I stumbled across a Facebook post where people were offering up “Get Well” wishes and speculating on my possible demise, in response to a “Weekly Woodworking News” video from Stumpy Nubs. Stumpy was looking for an explanation to my absence from 360 WoodWorking, noting that my last contribution was on February 10, 2015.

In fact, I was pretty ill over the winter. In late January my doctors recommended that I have some tests done in the hospital based on the symptoms I was experiencing. For me that was a good time to reassess what I was doing and where I was going. As often happens in partnerships, things change when a dream becomes a full-time proposition. I felt that our visions of how to accomplish what we set out to do where quite different, and that wasn’t likely to change.

I decided to move on and I have not been involved with 360 WoodWorking in any way for the last five weeks.

The good news is that the tests didn’t reveal any plumbing problems and my health is now fine. I greatly appreciate those who expressed concern and wished me well.

–Bob Lang


My Position In Relation to the Weather — 8 Comments

  1. Glad to hear you are doing ok but sad to hear you are no longer going to be involved with Woodworking 360 any more. I have always liked your work. Best of luck to you with whatever you decide to do. 🙂

  2. Glad to hear you are well. You stated that you had re-assessed where you are going. We look forward to further news. I have been a big fan for the 20+ years as a hobbyist.

  3. I was partly considering to become a subscriber of 360 woodworking. I am a bit of a fan of your work, Bob Lang. I am not so sure about the other two guys. I wish them well, but with you having left the team, I’ll rather try to pursue your work. Maybe you’ll go back to Popular Woodworking Magazine, that’ll be fine with me. One thing that really stands out is your ability to stay calm in videos and stay on topic without all the bragging about your own skills and knowledge.
    You are a great loss for 360 woodworking and I really hope there will be future content from you: Articles, books, videos. Please let us know where you are headed. Now that I have found this blog, I’ll try to follow it.

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